H.G. WELLS The first Men on the Moon 46c


Science Fiction

H. G. Wells

(1866 – 1946)

H.G. WELLS The Time Machine 46cm x 15cm

The Time Machine


H.G. WELLS The Time Machine.jpg

A nameless scientist in Victorian England travels with a time machine into the future. In a faraway society mankind is divided in two races:  The peaceful Eloi are naive and live on the surface of the Earth. The ugly Morlocks reside in subterranean caves. They are cannibals and need the Eloi for their subsistence ...


148 pages

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H.G. WELLS The Island of Dr. Moreau 46cm

The Island of Dr. Moreau


H.G. WELLS The Island of Dr. Moreau.jpg

Edward Prendick is shipwrecked somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and on "The Island of Doctor Moreau." There is no chance for him to escape from this damned island. Soon he uncovers that the doctor is doing surgical experiments with animals and men ...


176 pages


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H.G. WELLS The Invisible Man 46cm x 15cm

The Invisible Man


H.G. WELLS The Invisible Man.jpg

Griffin, a young English scientist, is experimenting and discovers the means to make himself invisible. He is able to see but no one can see him. As Griffin becomes mad, his secret gets uncovered – and the hunting for him begins …


180 pages


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H.G. WELLS The War of the Worlds 46cm x

The War of the Worlds


H.G. WELLS The War of the Worlds.jpg

Aliens attack London!


Space ships all over the British capital!

All over horrible fire-rays killing people!

The World is in danger!


212 pages


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H.G. WELLS The first Men on the Moon 46c

The first Men in the Moon


H.G. WELLS The first Men on the Moon.jpg

The bankrupt businessman Mr. Bedford teams up with scientist Mr. Cavor, a strange Professor who creates by accident a new and powerfull material called "Cavorite". Together they build a Spaceship – the  "Sphere". As fast as they can Bedford and Cavor travel to the Moon. The big surprise: There is Life! And Gold ...


232 pages


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Herbert George Wells – known primarily as H. G. Wells – was an English author in a variety of genres. He is now best remembered for his science fiction novels and is called the "father of science fiction." His most notable science fiction works are: "The Time Machine" (1895), "The Island of Doctor Moreau" (1896), "The Invisible Man" (1897) and "The War of the Worlds" (1898).


In the time of Industrial Revolution, when electricity, locomotive and telegraphy were invented, Wells spoke about the first men on the moon. He spoke to those who believed anything can be possible and touched the depressed and scared people at the end of the nineteenth century.


Wells was not quite like French author Jules Verne (1828 – 1905), as he criticized the class system and thought about the development of human society.


The famous author was born in Bromley, Kent, England, and he died in 1946 in London. His father was a professional cricketer and shopkeeper, his mother worked as a maidservant for the upper class.


He attended "Thomas Morley's Academy" for a few years before financial problems of his family forced him to leave and seek practical employment. He became an apprentice to a draper at the age of fourteen and experienced poverty and class differences.


In 1883 he won a scholarship to the "Normal School of Science" in South Kensington in London and studied Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy and Biology under Thomas Henry Huxley, who became known as "Darwin´s Bulldog" for being Darwin’s greatest advocate.


Thomas Huxley was the grandfather of Aldous Huxley, the author of "Brave New World" (1932). These scientific studies influenced Wells’ Scientific Romances, which made him the most successful author of his time.


He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times.


Some prophesies in his literature have even become reality.

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